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Stop Socialism

Jeff Jordan is passionate about cultivating and strengthening liberty.

Rights without responsibility is tyranny, and responsibility without rights is slavery.  As citizens of this great republic, there is no greater civic duty than that of maintaining the liberty-securing interdependence between rights and responsibilities.  And we must also fervently and decisively reject the notions, ideals, and implementation of tyrannical, collectivist, socialist ideologies as they are as immoral, irrational, and repugnant as slavery.  Individual responsibility is the cornerstone of liberty and socialism is its antithesis.  We are all capable of and must be willing to think and act in consideration of others without being beholden to or by others.

Protect the unborn

“The right to life is the first inalienable right.” ~ Jeff Jordan

The ability to make choices is the essence of freedom, but the choice to have a child or to engage in activity that may result in a child must be made before, not after. The right to life is the first inalienable right under the Constitution of the United States and we as civilized, rational, and loving people must protect all lives and all liberties, including those of the unborn. They are human beings too!

2A All The Way

Jeff Jordan feels gun safety and education are essential.

To keep (have) and bear (use) arms is the quintessential right of the U.S. Constitution that prohibits governmental infringement upon individual ownership of any arms, guns included, and government officials are obligated to protect that right along with the rest of our constitutional rights when they swear their oath of office.  Specifically regarding firearms, any gun control should come in the form of gun safety and education for all citizens, teaching them how to practice and exhibit self-control when handling them.

Secure Our Borders

“Immigrating to the United States must be done lawfully.” ~ Jeff Jordan

Immigration is a pillar of our national identity, but the rule-of-law is the foundation upon which that and all other pillars stand.  The process of immigrating to the United States must be done lawfully.  Those who enter illegally must be deported immediately, and the government officials who advocate and vote for sanctuary jurisdictions should be charged with felony obstruction of justice, as well as aiding and abetting criminal activity.  Furthermore, they should be held accountable as accessories to every criminal act committed by those here illegally.


Jeff Jordan will improve access, and reduce costs of healthcare.

Healthcare is a service, not a right, and the government’s role is to administer policies that facilitate the streamlining of health service processes and systems in a way that improves access and reduces costs.  Additionally, healthcare policy should appropriately address the input-side of the system including food safety, standards, and labeling.


“We need to teach our youth how to think, not what to think!” ~ Jeff Jordan

Our educational institutions have increasingly become indoctrination institutions, teaching young minds what to think and not how to think, centering their worldview on emotional rather than rational constructs, and denying and defaming any views or ideas that differentiate from the collectivist agenda.  Federal policy must return our educational institutions to their former prominence as bastions of diversified thinking and discussion.  Taxpayer funding should be denied to those institutions that fail their responsibility to uphold those democratic ideals.

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