Jeff Jordan is ready to tackle government spending, skyrocketing inflation, attacks on small business owners, and rising interest rates!

The cost increases for gas, groceries, prescriptions and transportation have
reached an all-time high. And it doesn’t stop there. How are you going to
face the coming tax increases needed to offset government spending?
The current administrations policies have limited and undermined the
success of the free enterprise system. The backbone of that system are the
mom & pop shops, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that serve our
communities everyday. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, our
local services and stores have suffered significant economic damage due to
the lockdowns and restrictions. If you’re a small business owner, how do
you feel about big businesses being able to profit during the pandemic? The
onslaught of inflation and coming increase in taxes will threaten the wallet
even more.

As your voice in Congress – I will reinvigorate the free enterprise system and
reinstate the economic foundation that allows for the standard of living we
desperately need. Protecting small businesses and owners is essential. I
will work to eliminate and reduce government programs that incentivize
people to avoid work.

As your representative I will work to reduce taxes and regulations for
business. Businesses have created the jobs, and government needs to stop
interfering. We should give small businesses a dollar-for-dollar tax deduction
for their losses during the pandemic, particularly since many of the larger
companies were allowed to remain open.

My promise is to restrain Congress from overspending. I will work to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, where everyone will benefit because Representatives will then have to work together. This is the first and most important step in diffusing the polarization of politics in America.


“I have two daughters in elementary school, and like you, I’m tired of teachers preaching politics to our kids. We need to teach our kids how to think, not what to think!” ~ Jeff Jordan

I’ve already had to have two conversations with the school principal about teachers preaching their political views in their class. And those are just the instances I know about!

Virginia schools have moved toward removing parents from being involved in their own children’s education. Schools have become nothing more than an indoctrination system. Teaching our children, the next generation of leaders – to hate America is wrong. As your representative and voice for your children’s welfare – I will work to help your kids feel safer, feel better about themselves, and to pursue better opportunities for their future.

As your next Congressman, I will work to permanently remove CRT and all associated rubrics, methods, and theories from our education system.

I will uphold the foundation that education is the invisible strength of our national, and personal, defense. Our children are all unique and beautiful – and they deserve the chance to learn about themselves. They deserve the right to discover, explore, and hone their unique talents and interests. I will stand with my colleagues in teaching our children to not judge others based on race, gender, color, creed, or national origin as Critical Race Theory (CRT) does. The Constitution prohibits everything CRT exemplifies. We must also hold all of our educational institutions accountable and responsible for free speech on campus.


“It’s the government’s responsiblity to ensure that the playing field is level for ALL citizens. And, we must support our law enforcement professionals across the country.” ~ Jeff Jordan

The citizens and the safety of our neighborhoods and towns are under attack. Many households have purchased a firearm for personal defense. Hard-working shop employees are told to turn a blind-eye to the theft of goods below a certain dollar amount because authorities refuse to prosecute the offenders. And government agencies are being weaponized against certain groups of citizens. This disloyalty breeds resentment in those who are victimized and destroys trust in government by all those who become aware of it.

Government exists to serve the people, not to target them. Targeting citizens undermines that legitimacy and weakens our nation.

Serving you as your next Congress member, I will work at the local level improving law and order. We must expect, and enforce non-partisanship in our federal workforce. We must fund and provide our law enforcement with the resources they need to keep our communities safe and strong. I will protect our community from the erosion of our fundamental and constitutional rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Lastly, we need to protect the health of our economy, our citizens, and our homeland by finishing the border wall. In this day and age, nobody leaves the door to their house unlocked, and our nation shouldn’t either.